Welcome to William James College

From our campus in Greater Boston, William James College educates students for careers that meet the growing demand for access to quality, culturally responsive psychological services for individuals, families, communities, and organizations, locally and around the globe. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs attentive to the needs of vulnerable populations including children of adversity and the needs of specific populations such as Latinos and veterans, as well as organizations and leaders on the forefront of creating social change. Our training provides professionals with hands-on experience at more than 350 field placement sites, preparing them to address the complex problems in an increasingly diverse world.

Why William James College?

Rooted in experiential education, William James College equips students with the tools to make an immediate impact and lasting difference in diverse communities and organizations, and with a range of populations around the globe. Read more about our professional, supportive field education office.

William James College’s skilled faculty and dedicated staff provide unparalleled individual attention, expertise, mentoring, and support while our close-knit community facilitates personal and professional growth. Click here to meet our practitioner faculty.

William James College education provides students with meaningful professional, cultural, and personal experiences to prepare them for the careers of today and tomorrow. Learn more about our student body and our commitment to diversity and difference.