Living Near Campus

Living in the Greater Boston Region

William James College offers our students a blend of top-notch education, real-world work experience, and the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships just outside one of the best cities in the world. Boston is one of the top cities for graduate students because of its proximity to great job opportunities, a student-friendly housing market, and lots of exciting things to do.

Boston and the surrounding areas are eclectic, and there are as many styles of housing as there are neighborhoods. Many of our students live in Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Framingham, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, and Worcester. Each of these neighborhoods comes with its own charm, character, and price points.

Housing: Where to Live

Many of our students choose to live near their internships. Because field sites change, you may wish to move to make commuting easier. If you’ll be bringing a car with you, make sure to find out about parking before committing to housing.

William James College students often post housing needs on William James College’s electronic housing board. To access the housing board click here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where our current students live.

Pie Chart of where students live

These are the top FAQs we hear from incoming students.

Do most students have roommates?

Many students choose to have roommates not only to share expenses, but also for the fun of living with friends.

How far do most students live from campus?

While many of our students live within thirty minutes of the William James campus, others choose to live near their internships, which can be up to an hour away from campus.

Is there on-campus parking?

William James College has a large, free parking lot.

Where do students live?

William James College students live in Boston and surrounding communities, some in the Worcester area as well.

Learn more about the cities, towns and neighborhoods where the majority of our students live.


Our students live in nearly all neighborhoods in the city, including South Boston, the South End, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Brighton and Back Bay. Each part of Boston has its own vibe, eateries, and entertainment. Housing and pricing varies depending on the neighborhood. Visit the City of Boston website for further details different regions within Boston. Downtown Boston is approximately 30 minutes from William James College.


Brighton, an area of Boston, houses more William James students than any other locale. Brighton is favored due to its welcoming, bustling neighborhoods that sit along the Charles River. It remains removed from downtown Boston, yet has its own Main Street Program with shops, restaurants, and events. Transportation to and from Brighton is relatively easy via train. Brighton is approximately 30-40 minutes from William James College.


Cambridge is home to a considerable number of William James students, and with good reason. Cambridge is easy to get to via train and offers many housing opportunities. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, stores, and coffee shops in Cambridge. You’ll also find many parks, as well as the Charles River. Cambridge is approximately 35-45 minutes from William James College.


Framingham is a top choice for students who wish to live outside of the city. Framingham is about 15 miles west of William James, and offers a wonderful living experience for those who would like to be closer to the 495 corridor. There are diverse housing choices in Framingham, as well as easy access to highways, and loads of parks, shopping plazas, and restaurants. Framingham is approximately 20-30 minutes from William James College.


Living in Newton has its obvious proximity advantages. There are 13 neighborhoods within Newton, each with their own personalities. Newton has a blend of rental properties and homes in a picturesque setting. There isn’t anything you could need that you won’t find in Newton.


Somerville contains a range of housing opportunities, as well as activities and experiences that make many William James students proud to call it home. In Somerville you’ll never run out of music to listen to, art to see, or restaurants to dine in. Somerville is approximately 40-50 minutes from William James College.


Waltham offers a mix of city and suburban living that appeals to those torn between the two. While living in Waltham allows for easy access to highways and Boston, it is also somewhat removed from the constant buzz of the city. There are coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping to keep Waltham residents entertained in between classes and internships. Waltham is approximately 15-20 minutes from William James College.


Worcester is advantageous due to its location west of Boston, which makes it ideal for some internships. Worcester is a city in its own right, with affordable housing, restaurants, and concert venues. Worcester is approximately 40-50 minutes from William James College.

Non-Resident Parking Permits

Student vehicles that are registered out-of-state are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to complete a Nonresident Student Vehicle Information Form and submit it to the police department in the city or town where the out-of-state vehicle will be parked overnight. This form simply alerts the city or town where the car will be parked and that there is an out-of-state car in the area. The car will be subject to ticketing if it is parked in a permit only area. You may wish to rent an off-street parking space for your car.

Most cities and towns in Massachusetts will not provide resident parking permits for cars that are registered out-of-state. Generally, only cars that are registered in Massachusetts may be eligible for resident parking stickers. Students should speak directly with the parking or traffic department in the city or town where the car will be housed for more information.

Registered students may park at the William James parking lot while in class or visiting the building for meetings and studying. A parking permit is not required. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Housing Resources in the Boston Area

In addition to the resources listed below, William James College students often post housing needs on William James College’s electronic housing board. To access the housing board click here.

Below is a collection of resources that may be helpful to you. William James College does not endorse nor support any of these sites. If you find incorrect information, please email and we will update the listing accordingly.

WJC Housing Bulletin Board

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Here is a list of websites and telephone numbers of realtors with property information in the area (Please be aware that most realtors will charge a fee for their services):

You can also search for apartments in the greater Boston area, including classified ads by owner, at the following: