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The Admissions Office is your complete resource to help you make the best decision for your future. Enrolling in undergraduate or graduate school is a big decision and we are dedicated to providing you with a complete understanding of our programs and our community. If you are passionate about making a difference in psychology, counseling, behavioral health, or leadership, we invite you to explore the sections below or schedule a call with one of our admissions counselors. 

What We Look For

We seek a diverse group of students who will form the next community of practitioners. A high level of academic and clinical aptitude are essential, as is a set of personal characteristics that will enable our students to function creatively and effectively in solving a wide variety of human problems. Each applicant is evaluated on a number of specific criteria, including:

Motivation • Self-awareness • Sensitivity • Creativity • Emotional stability • Maturity •  Preparation and planning for graduate studies • Career potential

Assessment of this potential is made in a variety of ways, including past academic performance, practical experience (if available), personal qualifications, references, and indications of the applicant’s commitment to the profession and the community.

ADMISSION POLICIES  Educational and Organizational Partnerships

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Our Student Community

The age range of our students is between early 20s and early 60s, the median age falls in the 25-29 age category.  22% are self-reported minorities, 13% are foreign born and approximately 12% are students with disabilities. 21% of the student body speak a foreign language.

Language From those who speak a foreign language
Spanish 38%
Portuguese 9%
French 8%
Arabic 7%
Russian 7%
Creole 6%
20 Other Languages 27%

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Our Student Ambassadors have volunteered to be a resource for you and answer all of your questions about our programs, graduate school, living in Boston, and more.

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Living Near Campus

Boston is one of the top cities for graduate students because of its proximity to great job opportunities, a student-friendly housing market, and lots of exciting things to do.

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