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We recommend that you use the most up to date web browsers versions in order to experience the full features of the William James College website. Use the links below to access the most current versions to download to your desktop or mobile device:

Basic Website Content Help

If you are experiencing a problem with a particular page, have found an error in our text, or think that the information is outdated, send an email to the webmaster at referring to the specific page in question. Please do this by cutting and pasting the complete URL into your email message so we know exactly which page you are referring to.

Web Technology Help

If you are participating in one of our online course modules, or you are trying to access MyCampus and are experiencing a technical problem, please contact our helpdesk by sending an email to, or visit our support website.

Sending an Email

Clicking on an email address on this site will open the default mail client on your local workstation.

If you have not set the default client with your e-mail account information you will need to either configure the account or open up your usual email client and cut & paste the desired e-mail address from the web page to the "To:" field of the new message.

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Viewing PDF files on this site requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Different browsers handle PDF files differently. Some automatically download the file to your desktop or a specific directory. Some will ask if you want to view or save it to disk. Some will open it up in a separate window. Some even open up a blank window, and then a second window with the PDF file in it. Use your browser preferences setting to determine how you want it to handle PDF files.

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