Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops

Inclusive working and learning environments are those in which all feel valued and respected. The College is working to increase the diversity of its faculty, staff, and student populations as well as to create a more inclusive campus climate. We all play a key role in ensuring that our students, faculty, and staff have an equitable chance to succeed academically and professionally and feel a sense of belonging in our classrooms and on our campus. We support our community through one-on-one consultations, workshops, and learning communities. 

Interrupting Microaggressions Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of microaggressions and situates them within our socio-historical context. Participants will receive tools to address microaggressions and lay the foundation to create more inclusive spaces.

Racial Healing Course

The Racial Healing Course is a 12-week course that is offered each semester for staff and faculty to gather as a cohort in personal reflection, collective meaning-making, and active community building to address systemic racism. This course invites a safe space to explore your story, gain insight and healing, practice dialogue, and develop openness in speaking and confronting present-day racism together. 

Thriving in an Equitable Classroom

Creating and maintaining an emotional and psychologically safe classroom influences the teaching and learning process. This kind of learning environment allows for the teacher and learner to explore difficult “hot button” topics and issues, take risks, and express their views in an honest and respectful way, where all can thrive in the content and dialogue. This workshop discusses strategies that are helpful for establishing and maintaining ways that teachers and learners can thrive in an equitable classroom.

Unconscious Bias – Moving from Words to Action

This interactive workshop explores the Biased Brain, How Decision-making Processes can be Biased, and how to Alter Your Biases. Participants will examine their own background and identities to interact more authentically with colleagues, clients, and the community at large, explore how the brain functions to recognize unconscious bias as a natural function of the human mind, and expose patterns of unconscious bias to navigate their impact on our decision-making processes

Unpacking Intent vs. Impact

An interactive workshop for leaders and professional designed to identity and understand how to maintain positive communication and relationships.

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