Education Technology

We specialize in working with you to find the best solution to your education technology needs. 


  • Ed Tech Consultation and Training: We have a suite of tools we can show you how to use to enhanced your classroom teaching experience.
  • Faculty Development: We are happy to work with you if you are looking for integrating innovative approaches to your teaching.
  • Tech Issues: If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your education technology, we are here to help.

Here are some of the education technology tools we support:

Teaching Activities Technology How to Get Access Additional Resources
  • Share course materials
  • Assessment via problem sets, quizzes
  • Build and sustain course community


Course administrators must request access to Canvas on users’ behalf.

  • Record Screen
  • Create Asynchronous Video
VidGrid Document Library
  • Hold and record synchronous lectures
  • Lead or record a virtual class
  • Collaborate on group work
Zoom All WJC users have access via OneLogin. 

Visit the Education Technology Intranet Site.

Access Via Onelogin