Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take to complete?

You complete the program in 11 months. However, please note that within those 11 months you will get the equivalent of two years worth of masters level education. 

What do Organizational Psychologists do?

As an organizational psychologist, you can work within organizations and as an external consultant. You apply psychological principles and research methods to the workplace in the interest of improving productivity and the quality of work life. Many graduates work as consultants in the areas of leadership, team-building, strategic planning, quality management, and facilitating organizational change. Other graduates serve as human resource leaders, helping organizations with talent development, training, and organizational assessment.

Can a student work and attend the Organizational Psychology Graduate Program at the same time?

The curriculum and format are designed to accommodate the working professional. The MA in Organizational Psychology is a fast-paced, intensive, 11-month, 30-credit degree program designed to help you expand, deepen, and sharpen your skills in leading and sustaining changes in organizations. The courses are sequential and build upon each other. Courses are delivered online via distance learning modules to accommodate the work and family schedules. Time in residence take place on weekends every 6 weeks.

What is the difference between the MA in Organizational Psychology and the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

Graduates from the MA in Organizational Psychology program are trained to asses and intervene into all aspects of an organization including the individual, team, and systems level to effect change. They assess, diagnose and intervene within organizational structures, work processes, and interpersonal/group dynamics. Graduates of the Certificate Program in Executive Coaching are equipped with very specific skills. Their credential enables them engage with managers and leaders of organizations helping them build and achieve key business results.