Curriculum and Schedule

Curriculum Map

Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate Core Courses
ORG CP600 - Institution, Program, and Distance Learning Orientation (credits: 0)
ORG EC500 - Executive Coaching; Principles, Theory and Practice (credits: 3)
ORG EC565 - Executive Coaching Skills and Techniques (credits: 3)
ORG EC525 - Assessment in Executive Coaching (credits: 3)
ORG EC561 - Practice Seminar in Executive Coaching (credits: 2)
ORG EC571 - Executive Coaching Practicum (credits: 4)

Class Schedule

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2024.

All courses are required and listed in order of their start dates. Weekends-in-residence (WIR) are always held from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted. WIR snow/make up dates to be determined.

Practicum: Supervised Coaching Engagement

The Coaching Practicum is a unique and valuable component of our Graduate Certificate in Excecutive Coaching program. You will be supervised by a Master Coach who will support and advise you through the practicum experience. Your client will be a leader from a non-profit organization. 

This is a 3.5 month coaching engagement; most coaches meet with their clients 7 to 9 times throughout the engagement. During the practicum experience, you will have the opportunity to practice all the components of a coaching engagement, from contracting through assessment to development planning, and implementation. The practicum also includes a class, where you will present your coaching case to your cohort using a method for peer supervision.

Orientation for Fall 2024

Orientation for the August 2024 entering cohort will be on Friday, August 23. Classes will start August 26, 2024.