Behavioral Health Initiative Scholarship

We will award a number of Behavioral Health Initiative Scholarships to students who exhibit a strong dedication and commitment to the delivery of human services in a behavioral health setting. The scholarship reduces tuition to $950 per credit—a 24% tuition reduction for 2023–2024. Student fees remain the same for all enrolled students and are not impacted by the scholarship.


Applicants are accepted from students planning to enroll in the online or on-campus MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. and who are employees at a behavioral health agency. To be considered for institutional assistance, you must commit to complete the program of your choice in three years.

To apply, students will have to be sponsored by their agencies, who will commit to provide the opportunity for practicum and internship training, and to flex the student's time to attend classes. The agencies will have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with William James College.

Awards are renewable annually, subject to continued satisfactory academic progress and continuing employment with the sponsoring agency, and evidence of financial need as determined by the results of the FAFSA. If you gain eligibility based on new employment mid-semester, you must email Mrs. Koen to let her know of the employment change to be considered for the scholarship. Once all required documents are received, and if approved, the tuition discount will go into effect at the start of the following semester.

How to Apply

Please contact Mrs. Melissa Koen at, Behavioral Health Initiative program director, for more information about how William James College can partner with your agency to cultivate, reward, and retain key staff. For admissions to the counseling programs, please go to our application web page and choose MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. You must send an email to Mrs. Koen indicating that you would like to be considered for the Behavioral Health Initiative Scholarship.

Selection Criteria

  • Current employee of a Behavioral Health Agency, Substance Use Program, or Psychiatric Hospital
  • Sponsorship by employing agency
  • Maintain good academic standing


The decision should be made by committee shortly after completion of all admission interviews and before admissions offers are made.