Leading Non-Profits and NGOs

Leading Non-Profits and NGO's

Lead grassroots agencies to create social change

Leading Non Profits and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) is designed to provide an opportunity for students to apply leadership theories and practices to grassroots agencies often created to address social, economic and political disparities both nationally and internationally. The area of emphasis is designed for individuals who want to serve in leadership capacities within said organizations as well as those who desire to consult with said leaders.

Leadership of Non-Profits and Non-Government Organization is different than leading for profit corporations. Community expectations, governance and some laws, are different for the former. Students will learn to examine and negotiate various concepts tied to leadership such as power and accountability, strategic planning, succession planning, and legal and ethical issues. In addition, students will examine the influence of external entities (stakeholders) in the development and operation of Non-Profits and NGOs.

PsyD in Leadership Psychology

Offered as part of the PsyD in Leadership Psychology program

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Students who choose to create an Area of Emphasis (5 -7 credits) or a Concentration (8 to 12 credits) in Leading Non-Profits and NGOs Area of Emphasis will choose from the following course options:

Students pursuing these specialties will benefit from completing fieldwork hours as well as doctoral project research within the emphasized area.

Concentration Faculty

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tuesday Cooper.

Dr. Tuesday Cooper

Tuesday Cooper, JD, EdD

Director, Leading Non-Profits and NGOs