Minor in Addictions Counseling

Addictions Counseling

Become a certified substance abuse counselor

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services (blended pathway only) offers a Minor in Addictions Counseling. This minor provides required coursework and fieldwork experience to be eligible for Massachusetts certification as a substance abuse counselor. Students are provided an in-depth knowledge of alcohol/addictions treatment programs and current treatment modalities. Program graduates are prepared to take the required certification and state licensing examinations. Our program is an approved educational provider by the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, which means that students will have the required 270 content hours (including 300 hours of supervised practical training) to sit for the Licensed Drug and Addiction Counseling II credential once the additional required supervised hours in the field and an examination are completed. 

Students must take two field placement courses, totaling 300 hours, in an alcohol/addictions treatment facility. This experience allows students to work on the core functions of substance abuse counseling: assessment, treatment planning, case management, crisis intervention, client education and documentation.

Students must be in the blended model, and can enroll AFTER they complete the first semester of their first year.

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Offered as a Minor in our BS in Psychology and Human Services

(Blended Pathway Only)
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Curriculum Overview

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services Required Courses:

Addictions Counseling Minor Required Courses:

One of the following rotating electives:

Program Director

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kerri Agusto.

Kerri Augusto, PhDKerri Augusto, PhD

Associate Professor, BS in Psychology and Human Services
Director, Undergraduate Studies