Advanced Assessment: Integrated Team Clinic

CLI AA600 - Advanced Assessment: Integrated Team Clinic

Credits: 3

This advanced course in psychological assessment builds upon the material learned earlier in the psychological assessment course sequence. Based upon a team clinic model, this three-credit course will allow advanced students to participate in the testing of real patients through the Brenner Assessment Center at William James College. The goal is to provide advanced training opportunities for students in assessment. Under faculty supervision, student testing teams will administer, score, interpret, and write up testing data within a patient- centered frame. Testing across a variety of domains (intellectual, cognitive, personality, academic, etc.), the construction of useful reports and the opportunity to provide verbal feedback to patients, their families, and relevant systems (e.g., referring agencies, schools, etc.) will be highlighted. Under-served populations, particularly children in need, will be given favored access to this testing program. Throughout the course of the semester, students will begin to actively engage in team testing with a variety of patients. Within this model, students will observe and be observed as they take on greater testing responsibilities over time. Utilizing team feedback and supervisor support, student groups will synthesize data sets, write up reports, and offer verbal feedback to relevant parties. Prerequisite: PM625.